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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  August 29, 2013 1:05am-1:41am PDT

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was hello, hello. the former boy band had a reunion at the vmas. of course, justin timberlake has had fantastic success as a solo artist, but he appreciates his roots. and to honor his old band mates, he brought them with him on stage to take them straight back to y 2 k, does this mean they were have a reunion? >> if we did anything like that, i think we would really come up with something real special where we could actually call it "the reunion". >> we hope. love reunions. so in this last week of summer we want to remind you to vote for your ultimate summer song. tell us what you think the best summer song ever is by tweeting us at "nightline." and your pick could be featured
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this friday night. thank you for joining us on abc news. good night, america. shhhhh! in our day, we didn't have u-verse high speed internet. yeah, our babysitter didn't have a million ways to serve mom up on a silver platter. we had to count sheep to fall asleep.
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closed and the toll plaza has no one in line despite the hype not everyone was ready
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for the shutdown. >> i guess we will have to go over the golden gate bridge and then san rafael bridge. i am not very happy. >> good evening, everyone. i'm carolyn johnson. dan ashley is off tonight. you can see behind me this unusual sight. no cars on the span at all. the bridge has been closed about three hours. this is just the third time it has officially been shutdown since the loma prieta earthquake. right now cal trans crews are the only vehicles moving on the bridge. the original eastern span of the bay bridge is on the right. the new one that is lit up is there on the left. we are streaming this video for you on our website at this is our yes, yerba buena cam. we go now live to the toll plaza. how did the shutdown go, ama? >> carolyn, it went well. chp wanted the road closed by 7:45 at the latest so the crews could start work at 8:00.
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it took them a little longer to get it closed, but by all accounts it was a successful closure. chp says there are no incidents to report. this is what a successful road closure on the oakland side of the bay bridge looks like. the chp put it into affect just after 8:00. that brought traffic to a mere trickle. the very last vehicle, this vintage ford, crossed two minutes later. it was declared free of people and cars shortly before 8:30. the big question, who was the driver of the 1930s model a? his name is bob and he called the toll authority earlier this week to see if he and his friends could be the last ones over. bob is the only driver who showed up jie. he got an escort from a couple of cal trans tow trucks. he was moving slow, but even if something goes wrong he was in good hands. >> he said he was actually the last one over when the bridge closed in 2009. now the bay area toll authority, they can't actually confirm that, but they say
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they will take his word for. it live from the bay bridge toll plaza, abc news. >> it was a great way to end things tonight. thank you. a mad rush, but slow going as many commuters headed out of san francisco, but tried to get an early start to beat the 8:00 p.m. deadline. the chp started closing bridge accesses early. some drivers marked their historic final drive across the eastern span with a quick picture. others admitted it was an emotional ride. >> this is my ride home. it will be difficult. >> what do you think? >> i think it is amazing. >> i am rapidly making my way across the bridge before cinderella loses her shoe. >> these ac transit buses will nef cross the span again. the last buses left the city at 7:10 this evening. and looking live at the emeryville camera at the interstate 80 split, it is still a bit foggy out there. a little hard to see, but the
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right hand side of your screen is where the barricades are thosset up. those are drivers who would be heading to the toll plaza. for many drivers it was a race against the clock to get on the bridge before it was closed. abc7 news reporter nick smith is live in san francisco with that part of the story for us. nick? >> carolyn, good evening. now that the countdown to the closure is over, the real struggle begins. finding your way in and around the various parts of the bay area that you need to go while av road rage. >> thank you very much. >> not every driver was feeling am ma russ. a bay bridge shutdown meant the drivers who usually use the entrance were turned away. >> just after 7:00 p.m., transportation crews started moving the last of their equipment in place. no detail is being over looked. everything from signs to banners and cones. we just learned the more than 5,000 cones will be used to block off different areas
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while the bridge is under construction. this is the first time a bridge closure has included weekdays when thousands of drivers are commuting to work or preparing to leave town for the long weekend. >> i guess we will have to go over the golden gate bridge and then the san rafael bridge because we live in vallejo. i am not very happy. >> first of all they should know where all of the resources are. >>abc7 morning news anchor suggest drivers should add one to two hours driving time to the city when the bridge is closed. >> our abc7 exclusive ways app is a way to help commuters -- it is a community of commuters that will tell them where the jams are and redirect them. >> expect the worst back ups to be on the approach to the richmond san rafael and san mateo bridges. 19th in san francisco is expected to be tougher than usual unless you find a way to avoid it all. in san francisco, nick smith, abc7 news. bart is stepping up its service to help commuters get
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across the bay. trains are running around the clock 24 hours a day through labor day. to cked well past the evening rush hour. right now bart is reporting delays of up to 20 minutes in the trans bay tube because of maintenance work on the track. so exactly what work needs to be done during the closure and what will it be like to drive the new bridge? to get some answers we go to the transportation reporter who is live at the toll plaza. heather? >> first we want to tell you about the work going on here at the toll plaza. these heavy trucks here, the heavy equipment are working on a grinding project two to six inches worth tearing up two to six inches of asphalt to put in a new drainage system. it is a part of the prog jeblght project jeblght -- projt overall. going to throw a couple of numbers at you with 1.2 million square feet of roadway and bringing in 14,500 tons of
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asphalt. a steady stream of heavy equipment moved in moments after the bridge was closed. much of the work during it is clough is sure has to do with grinding, paving and striping which takes time to cure and dry. and the new span needs to be connected to land on the oakland side and to the yerba buena side. the west side. the most challenging will be the old westbound upper deck on the oakland side so the bike path can be connected between land and bridge. >> within the next couple hours you will start seeing asphalt showing up. they are coming from a company 245* is based in pleasanton and throughout the weekend we are going to see about 2,000 truck loads of asphalt being brought in. >> this project has been in the works for almost a quarter century since the loma prieta earthquake collapsed a section of the upper deck. when it is all done driving the new bridge as shown in this cal trans animation will be a much different experience from what you are accustomed
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to. the east and westbound decks will be side by side rather than stacked and the whole driving experience is much more open, out from the cantalev re ed cage. that's different than the lower deck for so many years. on opening day there will be two miles worth of k rail to guide you while the old bridge is still standing. >> they are going to be putting up about 10,000 feet of k rail to help control the flow of traffic on to and off of the bridge by the toll plaza and heading into the tunnel westbound and out of the tunnel eastbound. >> a new feature for both directions are shouldered which should help reduce back ups from accidents and stalls. a warning from the chp, the shoulders are for emergencies only. if you try to stop there to enjoy the view, you will get a ticket. heather ishimaru, abc7 news. >> be sure to stay with abc7 news for live coverage over the next five and a half days. we will bring you the daily briefing from cal trans at
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4:30 during the shutdown and we are live at 3:00 monday for the chain cutting ceremony. our twitter followers will know the moment the new bay bridge opens. follow us at abc7 news bay area. the abc7 morning news begins half an hour early tomorrow at 4:00 and on friday and tuesday as well so you can see how the commute is shaping up through the shutdown and beyond. now to the latest on the giant wildfire burning in the sierra and into yosemite national park. it scorched300 square miles. that's larger than the combined square miles of san francisco, san jose and oakland combined. it is now 30% contained with more than 4500 firefighters battling it. dak a look at this you -- take a unique perspective at this firefight. this is from the international guard unit and the 129th rescue wing and they provided us with this video. it is also using drones to give them realtime views of
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the flames. that is an alerting crew to flare ups they might not otherwise be aware of. >> a menlo park police officer was injured during a scuffle with a man with a gun. this happened at 6:00 near ivy drive. officers already in the area romero. neighbors were reporting he had a gun. an officer was hurt during the arrest. he is expected to be okayment police later found a man with a gunshot wound nearby and he is expected to be okay as well. a warning for uc berkeley students ahead of the first day of classes for the fallseme. a 20-year-old student was robbed of her cell phone outside the unit 2 dorms on haste street on monday night. police say a teenager came up from behind and pushed the victim and grabbed her phone. he ran away and has not been caught. the student was shaken by the ie okay. a declaration from president obama. what he is saying tonight about the potential of american initter venges in syria.
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intervention in syria. and a father overjoyed to see hi why this moment was so emotional. also -- >> because they marched america became for free and more fair. >> 50 years after martin luther king, junior's speech, america still has a dream. plus the little girl who stole the show at today's ceremony. >> i'm abc7 news meteorologist sandhya patel. as you look at a live picture right now, foggy scene over san francisco. we'll check out your wake up weather. plus a look at
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united states has concluded the syrian government used weapons in an attack on its citizens. the president says he is now reviewing his options and will meet with his senior advisors and national security team about what to do. those options could include a retaliatory strike against the syrian government. the president insists though that u.s. involvement would not be a repeat of iraq. take a look at this emotionally-charged video out of damascus. a father is reunited with his young son that he thought had pear rished in a chemical uh -- perished in a che attack. neighbors and relatives surrounded the pair and crying out in arabic "god is great." the father nearly faints when he holds his child overcome with relief and disbelief. this video was posted to youtube earlier this week. it has already received more than $2 million -- more than 2 million views. to washington d -- dc here is what the capitol looks leak bathed in light with no one around. quite different from 10 hours
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ago. a bell tolled at exactly 3:00 eastern time to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the march on washington and martin luther king, junior's legendary "i have a dream" speech. tens of thousands of people converge owed the capitol to take part. president obamad people who work every day to keep king's dream alive. >> everyone whozes the realizese glorious patriots knew on that day that change does not come from washington, but to washington. change has always been built on our willingness. we, the people who take on the citizenship, you are marching. >> martin luther king, junior's granddaughter stole the show today. yolanda kept her cool as the president took a moment to talk with her. before that she helped ring the bell that you just havered -- you just heard a moment ago.
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from 50 years ago in washington to more than 70 years ago in the bay area, take a look at what some of our abc7 news viewers found in the wall of their home as they were undergoing a construction project. these you report peck tours are from the san francisco chronicle in november 1937 when the bay bridge was just a year old. if you have gnaw nostalgic pictures you would like to share with us send them to repo report now let's check the weather. it has been a bit foggy out there, but it seems like it is lifting in parts, sandhya. >> niece observation, carolyn. the marine layer is actually deepening. she is giving away my forecast. what is happening now is the fog is starting to push in over the bay. oakland, hayward, you are ome cloudsand showing up in san jose. i want to show you the visibility. it is foggy and just off a mile. give yourself plenty of time for the morning commute. this is what you will have to deal with from the explore for yum
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camera. you can see coit tower surrounded by the fuzzy view. secretary 4 in oakland and it is steel mild in san jose. midto upper 60s and half moon bay at 61. from our kgo roof camera, we are looking toward the bay bridge and we do have some fog toward the bay. santa rosa is at 62 right now. 63 napa, novato, mid60s concord, fairfield, livermore and this is the view of the golden gate bridge. fog around. the fog is becoming a little more widespread. we are going with foggy and misty except for the well inland communities where it will remain clear. cooler days are coming as we hit the long holiday weekend. looking at the satellite and radar we do have a system approaching, but this cold front will stay north of us. showers will remain. what we see is very little change. expecting high clouds for your thursday afternoon and a
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little fog near the coast and nice looking weather, mild to warm again for your thursday. here is a look at the temperature trend beyond your thursday. a little change thursday and warmer for your friday. here is the temperature change for san jose and the numbers go south. for your long holiday weekend we are expecting the temperatures to drop off each and every cool day. cooling below normal for this time of year, but it will be thighs and pleasant. nice and pleasant. the other thing firefighters will have to contend with is a possibility of thunderstorms. this is near the rim fire near yosemite. mostlyzy otherwise. southwesterly wind 25 miles an hour. high country in the mid70s. in the bay area, morning lows, mid50s to the low 60s. watch out for the fog. make sure you allow yourself extra time especially with the bay bridge closure and the fog. it is slow going out there. afternoon highs upper 80s antioch, fairfield, 74
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oakland, 84 for you in napa. 90 in clear lake. the sun will be shining in san francisco. 69 degrees. oakland 74 and down the peninsula midto upper 70s and 81 in san jose. a look at the accu-weather seven-day forecast. a foggy morning. we are looking at a mild to warm afternoon and getting warmer on friday. and then get ready for the temperatures to fall for the labor day weekend. mid80s inland and midto upper 70s bayside. low 60s coast. well not exactly august, september heat. we will be heading into september this weekend. but we will warm it up on tuesday and wednesday in the upper 80s. >> it looks very pleasant. >> it is going to be very nice. >> thanks, sandhya. larry beil is talking sports. >> the theme tonight is the unexpected. we have a raider flying over a car, if you can believe that, and brandon moss is taking flight in detroit as the
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past's have spent month desperately searching for offense. they found a whole bunch tonight in detroit. great to see the maui boy back and productive. his first r.b.i since rejoining them last week. a's with a 2-0 lead in the second inning. but the flood gates really open. it is courtesey of brandon moss with four of the a's 21 hits. it tied a season high. moss' 23rd homer of the year. high, deep and aloha means goodbye. it is six r.b.i's for moss. 14-1 and brett anderson returns after missing two months with a stress
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fracture. he went three innings and gave up three runs. he records the final out. a's stay two and a halfback because the rangers also won. the giants and rockies, 1-1 in the 6th. rosario knocks bumgarner fromoc. rockies built a 5-1 lead. he took a no hitter into the seventh. hunter pence and he will get nothing and leak it. he will break up the no-no after six and two-thirds. that's the deepest he has taken a no hitter. the joints would rally late, but ultimately fall 5-4 in denver. fresh off a four gold medals in the olympics and five more in the recent championships missy franklin is getting ready for her next challenge and that is college. the 18-year-old freshman starts classes at cal and she will swim on terry mckiefer's team. over flowing with personality and she is thrilled to be in berkeley. >> very different from
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colorado, but that's what i love so much about it. it was totally unique and totally crazy and i love it. >> the ncaa is suspending heisman trophy winner johnny manziel for 30 minutes. he will sit out the first half against rice. this is because of his autographing merchandise. they can't prove he took any money though. a and e are favorites and this is just a slap on the wrist. jones showing insane athleticism leaping over the top of a car. people remember mitchell used to do this in dunk contests, but he went over the hood and jones went right over the top. clearly it is possible. on the heels of sampras and agassi, roddick retired at the u.s. open last year and blake retired tonight after a hard fought five-set loss to the giant 6 foot 10ck is
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>> it is hitting me that i will never have this again in my life and i want to appreciate everyone for being here. >> you can see the tears welling up. >> abc sports brought to you by riverwalk casino. blake made it as high fourth in the world, quarterfinals and the grand slams. >> i remember when he almost won the u.s. open playing against agassi. it seemed like he had it, he had it, and then he didn't have it. >> injuries ended his career. >> sad to see him go. look at this shark. if you look csee what maken see what makes him so special. we
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wake up weather. you will need more time. it is misty as well. 50s, 60s. mike nico will be here tracking the fog. carolyn? >> sandhya, thanks. we want to take you back live to the bay bridge toll plaza. a different look of the toll plaza because it is crowded #w* work crews. of course the bridge shutdown through labor day. the crews will be working around the clock for the next five days to get it taken care of so the new bay bridge could open without a hitch. well some people walk with a bit of a wiggle and as it turns out so do some sharks. look at this. that's what this new species of shark is doing in indonesia. this bamboo bamboo shark looks e it is walking, but it is moving its fins from side to side. the first walking sharks were discovered in the 1800's. what makes this one different is its color pattern. the new species may provide clues into how the ancestors evolved from moving in water
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eventually to land. that would be cool to go snorkeling and scuba diving and see one of those. >> and he doesn't bite? >> supposedly he is very gentle. >> sure. >> good to know. >> next on "jimmy kimmle live" salina gomez. thanks for watching and see you tomorrow at 4:00 a.m.
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celebration by a mom as the kids go back to school. >> putting your mind at ease during your next flight. we'll separate fact from fiction and airline germs and the safety of kids that fly. you're watching "world news now." ♪ because i'm leaving on a jet plane don't know when i'll be back again ♪
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